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Joe's dad Enzo is denied his training license by the BBBofC

You can forgive Enzo Calzaghe for thinking that after years in the business, trainer of the year awards and the guidance of several fighters to world titles, he'd be granted a trainer's license when it needed renewing. Unfortunately for the boxing senior and former bass player, there's a heap of red-tape you need to navigate round before the commission will give you trainer status.

Enzo already had a license of course, but once it expired he had to reapply to renew it. Part of this meant completing a BBBofC certified first aid course, which Enzo hasn't done. Now here it gets slightly like a school yard. Enzo paid the money for the course, but he says he never got a letter to tell him when the dates were. Well did you pick up the phone Enzo? I'm sure you could have gotten hold of them.

This means that Enzo Macarinelli, who fights Shane McPhilbin for a British title tonight, won't have Enzo in his corner. To be honest, it shouldn't make too much difference. Enzo is on a good run, his head is in the right place and he has masses more talent and experience than McPhilbin. You can see read our Enzo Macarinelli vs Shane McPhilbin comparison here.

I'm sure this will all be sorted out in time for Macarinelli's next fight, but for a trainer who has worked with Joe Calzaghe, Nathan Cleverly, Gavin Rees and Bradley Pryce this is a silly oversight to make.