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Ex-World Champion Scott Harrison arrested in Tesco

Scott Harrison was going to make a glorious ring return in less than a fortnight, but he's stuffed that up by getting arrested. The Glasgow-born fighter was detained by police in Tesco after he stole food, abused staff and urinated on a window.

Was it near-fight pressure? A mental breakdown? Was he drunk? The Daily Record spoke to an eye witness to get the answer:
“I’ve never seen anything like it. Scott Harrison looked dishevelled, as if he had been in the wars or on some kind of bender. "
The featherweight, 34, was WBO world champion from 2002-2005, winning nine title fights, drawing one and losing one. His only loss was against Manuel Medina in 2003, and he was able to revenge that in his very next fight. Harrison left the sport in 2005 as WBO champion.

Harrison has a history of trouble with the law, having just last year finished serving a prison sentence for assault. He had been held in a Costa del Sol jail for two years and arrived back in the UK in September. Straight away he told us of his grand plans to become a world champion again, getting back into training a few days after his arrival.

Sadly, Harrison's ongoing drink problem has gotten the better of him this time, and I doubt he'll get a license to box anytime soon. It's going to be a long road to recovery for the ex-champion.