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Frank Maloney drops ex-world champion Scott Harrison following arrest in Tesco

We learnt yesterday that ex-WBO world champion Scott Harrison has been arrested for disorderly conduct in a Tesco food store. Today promoter Frank Maloney has confirmed that the Glasgow-born fighter's proposed comeback has been shelved.

Harrison was supposed to be appearing on a Blackpool fight card next week, however there is some confusion as to whether he was actually slated to get in the ring or not. The BBBofC, who after serious deliberation granted Harrison a license, did not have him registered to fight next week. They were clueless. This raises the question of how far advanced Scott Harrison's comeback was, and whether it was actually on for next week at all.

All this is a moot point because he is without a promoter anyway. Frank Maloney, best known for guiding Lennox Lewis to world fame, has severed all ties with the alcoholic boxer. He told the Scotsman:
“No, Scott will not be on the bill, I made the decision yesterday after I heard what had happened. I haven’t spoken to Scott but I spoke to his father, Peter. I have severed all business relationships with Scott.”
Maloney recently told us that he plans to retire from the sport in 2015 after all his current boxer contracts expire. It is thought that Frank is getting tired of the grimier side of the business and just wants one clean run to the top with heavyweight David Price. If that doesn't go well - he's out.