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Let's see what one fan has to say about Gavin Rees vs Anthony Mezaache

Gavin Rees takes on Anthony Mezaache tomorrow night with the EBU lightweight belt at stake. Rees, 31, won the belt from Andy Murray in June last year, and in his first defence he drew with Derry Matthews. Rees is going to defend his European belt a few times and increase his level of competition, with the eventual aim being the same as every other fighter's: a world title shot.

How does Rees rank in the lightweights? Well there's certainly an argument to put him in the top twenty, however even domestically he has Ricky Burns and Kevin Mitchell beating the path ahead of him. If he could land a fight with Burns or Mitchell, Rees would have a chance to prove himself.

Mezaache won't give much in competition. His record is 21-6 (6KOs) and he's hardly fought anyone decent. Don't expect much in terms of record and pedigree from him, and he certainly isn't a knockout puncher. I'd expect Rees to take this one with style.

Now onto the video. This comes courtesy of Youtube pundit BoxPred. He knows what he is talking about and gives some sound tips. You can find his channel here.