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Written by Jake Wallwork

Part 1

We all know then likes of Tyson Fury, David Price and Seth Mitchell are the leading heavyweight prospects in boxing, but I’m going to talk about some of the heavyweight prospects who aren’t getting as much publicity as Mitchell, Price or Fury.

Magomed Abdusalamov impressed me in his fourth round destruction of Jason Pettaway last Saturday. He fought on the Martinez/Macklin undercard. He isn’t the fastest heavyweight out there, he isn't that skilled either. But he has very good punching power and he knows how to fight. The way he continuously walked forward, gunning for the knock-out impressed me.

Will he beat a Klitschko? No. But that doesn’t mean he can’t beat some of the other top contenders and also be in one or two barn burners. The guy is 14-0 with 14 knockouts, his record is a little padded, but the power is there. Deontay Wilder also has a padded record but he does have power. Put Wilder and Abdusalamov in a ring together and a knockout is guaranteed to happen. But there’s no guarantee on who will get the knockout. That fight has to be made.

If you like the sound of Abdusalamov then check out this video, it’s his fight from Saturday night. Whether you like him or not, one thing we can’t disagree on is that he is going to be involved in some exciting battles.

Take a look at Magomed Abdusalamov Vs Jason Pettaway courtesy of Drunk Colin (www.ringpolska.pl)