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Goliath meets Goliath in Atlantic City, New Jersey

This weekend two giants of the Heavyweight division Mariusz Wach and Tye Fields will battle it out at the Resorts Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The bout is scheduled to go twelve rounds, but with the power these two heavyweights pack behind their punches, I can't see the contest going the distance.

With Fields, what you see is what you get. If he doesn't knock you out, he get's knocked out. We don't know much about Wach, so this fight should be a good measuring stick for him as to how far he can go in the heavyweight division.

This is a very intriguing fight, let's take a look at the head to head statistics. 

                                       Mariusz Wach           Tye Fields
Age                                 32                             37
Height                             6ft7 1/2                    6ft8
Record                            26-0 (14 KO)            49-4 (44 KO)
Last 5                             WWWWW                  WWLWW
Best wins                        Kevin McBride            Michael Sprott
                                        Jason Gavern            Nicolai Firtha

As you can see from the stats, both are huge men. Both have a good knock-out ratio and are in their thirties. Thirty two is a little old for a prospect, but with fighters still fighting into their forties it isn't all bad.

Have a butchers at the odds for this fight:

                                   Mariusz Wach           Draw           Tye Fields
William Hill                  1/16                           33/1             7/1
Paddy Power              1/18                           40/1             15/2
Betfred                       1/10                            33/1             6/1

All the bookmakers have Wach down as a clear favourite. Fields is seen as a massive underdog and they don't give this fight much chance of going the distance, but who does? 

It's the last shot for Fields, he needs to win. And for Wach we will find out what all the fuss is about. Who do you think wins this fight? Make sure you tune in and watch the fight and give me your feedback.