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Heavyweight Tyson Fury takes off his gloves and pics up a mic in the stand-up comedy video for Sports relief

When Tyson Fury took on his stand-up comedy challenge for Sports Relief, he started it looking confident. Before he even met his mentor, Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss, Fury was so confident of his stand-up gift that he'd written a few jokes himself. He performed them to some of his friends and was met with stony silence. That's when the nerves kicked in.

I've posted the video below so you can see this for yourself, but you know what? He did a great job. Some people have said the material wasn't good, but what did you expect? Eddie Izzard? I was impressed with his performance. It takes a lot of balls to go so far outside of your comfort zone.

He didn't stop at just going outside his comfort zone though; as you'll see in the video, Fury isn't adverse to mocking himself. As part of his stand-up act he shows the popular Youtube video of him punching himself in the face. It's obvious he hates it, but he was willing to put that on show for the sole purpose of people laughing at him. Anyone who says Tyson Fury doesn't have guts is going to have to rethink that opinion.

Have a look at the stand-up video and let me know what you think.