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Who is Tyson Fury's secret trainer?

Heavyweight Tyson Fury has lived up to the "heavy" part of his weight class lately, turning up out-of-shape to his fights with Nicolai Firtha and Neven Pajkic. Against the latter, Fury's poor conditioning got the better of him and contributed to him being caught by Pajkic and send to the floor for the first time in his career.

Fury insists all that has changed and that he is back in fighting shape. Who helped him drop the pounds? Fury won't tell us that yet. He told the Daily Mail that he has a new trainer:

"whose name I am keeping secret for the time being but who is one reason why I'm now fit, not fat."
So who is it? A good guess would be Emmanuel Steward. The legendary trainer has worked with Fury before and has commented that he likes the Manchester-born heavyweight. Fury has said plenty of times that he'd like to work with Emmanuel on a permanent basis. There's just one problem: Steward is currently training Wladimir Klitschko, which would rule out a Fury - Klitschko fight.

I honestly don't know who it could be, but here's a wild-card for you: Teddy Atlas. He's just finished training Alexander Povetkin, the unbeaten heavyweight who recently pissed him off. Maybe Atlas wants to train another heavyweight, or maybe he's done training fighters altogether. Who knows?

We can say one thing for sure, and that is who Tyson Fury's new trainer isn't: his uncle Hughie Fury. He trained Tyson until family problems forced the Manchester-born heavyweight to drop him. Hughie recently discussed the training of Tyson Fury with Boxrec and said:
“I don’t care who you are, you could be Angelo Dundee, but If you aren’t the boss then you’re not cut out for training Tyson. I’m his uncle and I could insult him and make him do it (train), but it was hard. Tyson won’t stick with anyone. He’s all round the shop with lots of different trainers because he’ll always blame them. He’s my own nephew but I couldn’t train him as soon as he set foot off my property."
So who is it?