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The WBO have agreed to let Nathan Cleverly defend his belt against Robin Krasniqi

We reported last week that the WBO weren't going to sanction Nathan Cleverly's latest world title defence against Robin Krasniqi. Well, the sanctioning body have done a U-turn and allowed the bout to go ahead. I'm not going to say that hands were greased, but I don't see why they would reverse this decision.

Alas there's nothing we can do now, the fight will go ahead. If you watched the Welsh light heavyweight fight Tommy Karpency in February, you will know how badly he needs to face someone good. After a string of sub-par opponents (aside from Tony Bellew, who was great in their fight) there's just isn't any excitement building around the twenty-five year old.

Both he and promoter Frank Warren realise this - they aren't idiots. Hell, Cleverly has a degree in mathematics, he's got a brain in his cranium. They know that fighting guys like Karpency and Krasniqi doesn't set the crowd alight, but they also know that people will still buy tickets. As long as the fights are held in Wales or London, they will sell. Warren is going to milk as much as he can from that before he throws Cleverly into a tougher fight, where he could potentially lose his title.

If you're upset with fighter's stalling their careers through fear, then you're not alone. Tony Bellew, who nobody can accuse of avoiding a fight, always has something to say where Nathan Cleverly is involved. About Cleverly's recent fights, Bellew told Wales Online:
“I’m not in the game to knock over jobs-worths. If I’d won the Cleverly fight, I would not have been fighting Tommy Karpency.”
Nathan Cleverly fights Robin Krasniqi 28th April at the Royal Albert Hall, London.