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Adrien Broner's second defence of his WBO Super Featherweight title will be against Dewsbury's Gary Sykes

It has been announced that Adrien 'The Problem' Broner (23-0 19KO) will step into the ring with ex British Super Featherweight champion Gary 'Five Star' Sykes (20-2 5KO.) This fight will be in Las Vegas on the Amir Khan/Lamont Peterson under-card which will be shown on Sky Sports 1.

After browsing the various boxing forums on the internet, I can't find one boxing fan who thinks that a) This is a suitable match-up for a world title and b) Gary Sykes has a chance of winning this fight. I tend to agree with them, how can a guy who lost one of his most recent fights at British level, get a world title fight?

I'm not having a go at Sykes, if I was in his position I'd jump at the chance of fighting for a world title and I actually want him to win the fight. But if Sykes gets beat by Gary Buckland twice, what chance does he have against Adrien Broner?

Broner is the better boxer so Sykes can't out-box him, you would think that Sykes would have to try and knock Broner out, but with only a 22% knock-out ratio, Sykes doesn't even have a punchers chance.

It's good that Broner is fighting on a big fight under-card, but he should at least fight an opponent who has a chance of making it competitive. Is anyone excited for this fight? Or are you as disappointed in this fight as I am?