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Whilst on this weeks edition of Ringside, Jim Watt gave his brief opinion on the Khan/Peterson rematch

On yesterday's episode of Ringside one of the main topics of conversation was the Amir Khan Vs Lamont Peterson rematch, which will take place next month. Jim Watt, who was a guest on Ringside, was asked about his view on the rematch and he said:

"He (Amir) had it tough the first time round, in the second fight I think he will have it even tougher."

Jim Watt is a well-respected boxing commentator who was in Washington D.C. for the first fight between Khan and Peterson. He will be in Las Vegas for the second fight and judging by his comments on Ringside, he thinks Khan could lose to Peterson for a second time.

Do you agree with Jim Watt? Or do you think Amir Khan will have an easier second fight with Lamont Peterson?