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Ring legend Bernard Hopkins believes he is not held in as high regard as he should be

Ahead of his fight this evening with Chad Dawson, Bernard Hopkins had something surprising to say of his status as a fighter. He told the Philadelphia Inquirer:
"I believe that I'm the most underrated fighter that ever laced a pair of gloves on, that reached a level that I've reached in my 24 years. And that's a motivation for me to keep pushing, to prove that I've been and who I am."
For many, this will be a strange quote to read. Of all the boxers still working the ring today, Hopkins is perhaps one of the most respected, and definitely has the deepest legacy. The light heavyweight is respected for his ring achievements, most notably his title win last year against Jean Pascal, which came at the age of forty-six.

The only real criticism I hear about Hopkins is usually aimed at his style. Some find it slow and boring, preferring to see a warrior like Micky Ward than a technician like B-Hop. If you remember when Hopkins - Wright was announced, the fight was denounced almost straight away by boxing fans for being snooze fest. It was thought that their slow styles would combine to make the most boring fight on earth. In the end, it was a decent fight.

Does Hopkins have a real case to say he is underrated? I don't think so, but I'd love to hear what you think.