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Brandon Rios defeats Richard Abril by a controversial decision

Brandon Rios retained his unbeaten record as he was awarded with a split decision victory in his fight with Richard Abril. Even though Rios won the bout he didn't win the Lightweight title due to his failure to make the 135 pounds Lightweight limit.

First of all I'd like to say Rios did not win the fight. Abril took Rios to school and made him look very ordinary. Abril kept Rios at distance for most of the fight with a good jab and straight right hand and when Rios did get inside Abril used his shoulder and right hand to block all of Rios's punches.

I consider Abril to be the real Lightweight champion and I do not consider Rios to be an undefeated fighter. If Rios does get a big pay-day fight with Juan Manuel Marquez then I would expect Marquez to dominate and probably go onto stop Rios.

Rios was lucky that it wasn't Gamboa who was in the ring with him as Gamboa would also have had an excellent chance of the stoppage victory.

Even though Abril isn't the most entertaining fighter on the planet I would rather see him get a fight with Juan Manuel Marquez instead of Brandon Rios as he put up a great performance and out-boxed Rios throughout the fight.

A lot of fans were complaining about Abril not making the fight very entertaining but if you had the superior height and reach advantage would you choose to stand and trade with your smaller opponent? Or would you use your physical advantages to the best of your ability?

Did anyone score the fight in Rios's favour?