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You keep emailing us to ask......so here's some help choosing a boxing punchbag

Note - for more in-depth boxing punch bag info, see our guide.

Given the name of this blog we naturally get loads of emails asking about punchbags. It's something that we maybe should have thought of when naming the blog, but hindsight is golden. Anyway, we are always asked what sort of boxing punchbag someone should buy, and to satisfy demand, here are a few options. If you can't find the right boxing punchbag here, email us and we'll try and give you some specific advice.

The low-price options:
If you're looking for something inexpensive and easy to set up, something that you can just put somewhere and punch, then these are what you should buy. Look at these punchbags if you are just getting started and not too sure how far your enthusiasm is going to extend, and you don't want to spend a fortune.

3ft Black Rexion Leather boxing punchbag Ceiling Hook rope & Gloves

5pcs set 5ft black Rexion Leather boxing punchbag , ceiling hook rope, Gloves

5ft blk/red Rex Leather Target punchbag chain wall bracket & Gloves

The quality options
If you have a bit more cash, or want a better quality punchbag, this is where you should start.

4ft back Rex Leather boxing punchbag, wall Bracket & gloves

Century XXL Wavemaster Freestanding Punch Bag with zones

I hope this helps you in some way, and now that we've caved in and addressed this issue, you don't need to email us asking about which boxing punchbag to buy. On our part, we apologise for including "punchbag" in the blog name. Now onto real boxing news...

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