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Denis Lebedev is rumoured to fight ex Cruiserweight World Champion Jean-Marc Mormeck

Just days after his knock-out victory over Shawn Cox, there is already rumours flying around on who Denis Lebedev's next opponent will be. Lebedev's promoter Vladimir Hryunov has said that he received an offer from Jean-Marc Mormeck's team for a fight which would take place at Cruiserweight, in the first weeks of June. Hryunov has also said that if he accepts the offer, the fight would take place in Paris, France.

Since June is only a couple of months away it wouldn't surprise me if Lebedev's team accepts this offer just to have a 'stay busy fight.' Mormeck hasn't fought at Cruiserweight since 2007 and in his most recent fight at Heavyweight he was destroyed by Wladimir Klitschko, this makes me think that Mormeck and his team want one final pay-day, and they will even go back down to Cruiserweight to get one.

Judging by some of the harsh views on various boxing forums, most boxing fans aren't too pleased that there is talk of this fight being made. I'm not over the moon about this fight potentially being made, but as long as Lebedev fights a big name opponent for example Guillermo Jones, Yoan Pablo Hernandez or the Marco Huck/Ola Afolabi winner soon after, then I have no problems with Lebedev taking this fight.

But that's just my opinion, should I be more critical towards Denis Lebedev if he takes this fight with Jean-Marc Mormeck?