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Derry Mathews stops Anthony Crolla in a thriller

                                            Image courtesy of The Sun

Last night, against all the odds Derry Mathews put in the performance of his career as he stopped Anthony Crolla to win the British Lightweight crown.

The stoppage came at the very end of the sixth round and at first viewing the stoppage seemed very premature. But if you look back at the fight, Crolla was down heavily in the third round and he continued to get hit with some massive shots throughout the fight.

Mathews has saved his career with this stunning victory, he might get a shot at Ricky Burns's Lightweight title but a more realistic option is a re-match with Gavin Rees on July the 7th. If I was Crolla I would consider working on my defence in the gym as Mathews couldn't miss with power punchers all night.

Who would you like to see Crolla and Mathews fight next?