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With the next Prizefighter only a week away, it's time to have a look at the fighters

Since it started in April 2008, Matchroom's Prizefighter series has gone from strength to strength. Each tournament has recorded increasing viewing figures, and the standard of boxer taking part has improved drastically. Some past winners of the event include Martin Rogan, Sam Sexton, Martin Murray and Gavin Rees. Winning Prizefighter can give a fighter's career a massive boost.

The next Prizefighter tournament is on May 5th, the same night Floyd Mayweather fights Miguel Cotto. This is a great move, because UK fans waiting to watch Mayweather will happily tune into Sky Sports and watch a quick-fire boxing knockout tournament. With the event so close now, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at the fighters.

1) Simon O'Donnell
Residence: Galway
Nickname: Slick Fightin Irish
11 Wins, 1 Loss, 0 Draws  (6KOs)
Best Win: Ty Mitchell (3-1)

2) Ryan Greene
Residence: Lurgan
Nickname: -
5 Wins, 0 Loss, 0 Draws (1KO)
Best Win: Laszlo Haaz (4-2)

3) Joe Rea
Residence: Belfast
Nickname: Sugar
7 Wins, 7 Losses, 1 Draw  (4KOs)
Best Win: Robert Muhammad (8-33-1)

4) JJ McDonagh
Residence: Mullingar
Nickname: Slick
6 Wins, 1 Loss, 0 Draws  (4KOs)
Best Win: Lee Murtagh (31-12-1) - for the vacant Irish super middleweight title

5) Eamonn O'Kane
Resience: Dungiven
Nickname: King Kane
4 Wins, 0 Loss, 0 Draws  (2KOs)
Best Win: Wayne Reed (8-3-0)

6) Darren Cruise
Residence: Castlerea
Nickname: Dynamite
3 Wins, 1 Loss, 0 Draws  (0KO)
Best Win: Zahari Mutafchiev (2-5-0)

7) Anthony Fitzgerald
Residncde: Dublin
Nickname: Fitzer
13 Wins, 2 Loss, 0 Draws  (4 KOs)
Best Win: Affif Belghecham (19-6-1)

So, early observations; Joe Rea is 7-7, giving him the highest loss record of the contestants. Here's the thing as well - all seven losses has come in his last eight fights. Joe Rea is in last chance saloon. Maybe this will make him a live underdog, because to be honest, he goes into this with the least expectations on him.

JJ McDonagh doesn't have the best record of the bunch, but he's beaten the best opposition. In this last fight he beat Les Murtagh by knockout to claim the vacant Irish Super Middleweight title. He comes into the Prizefighter tournament riding on a high, and he is my pick to win. My extremely close second would be Anthony Fitzgerald, who has a decent 13-2-0 record and has held the Irish Super Middleweight and EBA Middleweight titles. He will cause everyone problems, and a Fitzgerald - McDonagh final would be a dream finish.

Youngest and Oldest - Darren Cruise is the youngest of the pack, being four years younger than the average age of the contestants. His last loss was to Lee Murtagh, the boxer JJ McDonagh beat to become the super middleweight champion. The oldest of the bunch is Eamonn O'Kane who at thirty years old, isn't exactly ancient.

This should be a good tournament, with some talented fighters eager to prove themselves. I can only see a couple of them having a good chance, but I'm sure we will get another great Prizefighter.