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Seth Mitchell hopes to climb the ladder against Chazz Witherpoon

America has been waiting for another heavyweight boxing champion for six years, ever since their last champion, Shannon Briggs, lost his title to Vitali Klitschko. To be honest, Briggs pulled his initial title win out of his ass, and he isn’t the most shining example of American heavyweight boxing. Before him, there was Hasim Rahman in 2005. It has been a while since America had a dominant champion.

Former linebacker Seth Mitchell, currently signed to Goldenboy, is seen by some as the next hope of USA heavyweight boxing. Since turning pro in 2008 he's gone 24-0-0, but he has only recently started to up his game. His last fight, against Timur Ibragimov, was a dominant performance, and Mitchell sent out a message by ending the fight in the second round.

Tomorrow night he has his toughest fight yet when he faces Chazz Witherspoon, son of Reese Witherspoon, the star of Legally Blonde. I kid, of course, but please don’t ask how I know that Reese is the star of Legally Blonde. I’ve never watched it. Chazz really is Seth Mitchell's hardest challenge, and a dazzling performance tomorrow will convince a lot of his doubters.

What do you think about Seth Mitchell? Has he convinced you yet, or do you not rate him at all? How does he compare with fellow prospects David Price and Deontay Wilder? Let us know in the comments.