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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr's third defence of his WBC title will be against Andy Lee

After successfully defending his WBC title for the second time earlier this year, Julio Cesar Chavez  Jr is scheduled to defend his belt against potentially his toughest opponent yet Andy Lee. Lee avenged the only loss of his career last year when he outpointed Brian Vera, that victory was enough to earn Lee a long-awaited world title shot.

I think Lee's height and jab will give Chavez Jr problems in the early rounds, but I think as the fight gets into the later rounds, Chavez will tire Lee out by landing hard body shots and he could stop Lee late on in the fight, or do enough to beat him via decision.

But Lee is known for having a big punch, he will always have a chance of knocking his opponent out at any stage of the fight.

The winner of this fight will already have their next fight scheduled, Sampson Lewkowicz (Sergio Martinez' manager) Tweeted this: "I'm with Sergio Martinez at the Bel Air Hotel to finalise and sign the agreement for the winner of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Vs Andy Lee on Sept 15th."

This is very good news for Sergio Martinez fans, Martinez is almost guaranteed to land the big fight he has been asking for.

There are some very exciting fights being made in the Middleweight division, starting with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Vs Andy Lee - Who do you think wins?