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Kenny Bayless to do the Khan/Peterson rematch in Las Vegas

According to Dan Rafael it has been announced that one of the best referee's in the business, Kenny Bayless will be the third man in charge of the action in the Amir Khan Vs Lamont Peterson rematch. It was rumoured that 'Fair but firm' Joe Cortez would be refereeing the rematch but instead Bayless has been given the job and he is an excellent choice. 

I say Bayless is an excellent choice because his style of refereeing doesn't favour either Khan or Peterson in-particular. Cortez is known as a ref who doesn't allow fighters to do much fighting on the inside, this favours Khan. Someone like Steve Smoger is known as a ref who almost encourages fighters to fight on the inside which suits Peterson. 

Bayless is in-between, he doesn't break the fighters up to early and let's them fight on the inside when necessary.

Do you think Kenny Bayless is a good choice of referee for the Amir Khan Vs Lamont Peterson re-match?