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Mitchell and Witherspoon both play their part in one of the best Heavyweight fights this year

On the under-card of Bernard Hopkins Vs Chad Dawson II, Seth Mitchell stopped Chazz Witherspoon in the third round in the type of fight which is likely to get fans interested in the Heavyweight division once again. 

It wasn't all one sided, Witherspoon rocked Mitchell badly in the first round and for a moment it looked like Witherspoon may stop his man, but to Mitchell's credit he showed his toughness as he survived the first round onslaught to fight back and earn a stoppage victory.

We really learnt a lot about Mitchell in this short fight. We learnt that he doesn't fold under the pressure but more importantly we learnt that he is easy to hit and capable of being hurt. Witherspoon used his jab and movement to out-box Mitchell in the first round. So a lot of Heavyweights who have a good jab and movement, and don't opt to stand and trade with Mitchell will give him major problems.

Mitchell has once again left me wanting to see him back in action, but his management team should be careful as to who they choose as an opponent for him. 

Here is a video of the Seth Mitchell/ Chazz Witherspoon fight courtesy of SoSoBoxingUploads1:

 Will Seth Mitchell ever be good enough for a Klitschko?