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Tony Bellew scores a fifth round knockout vs Danny McIntosh

Tony Bellew
beat Danny McIntosh with a clinical 5th round TKO, bumping his record up to 17-1 and winning the BBBofC light heavyweight title. Bellew, who has been out of action since he lost to Nathan Cleverly last October, backed up what he has been saying throughout the build up to his his fight with McIntosh - that he was going to give his hometown crowd a convincing winning performance.

If he continues to improve, Bellew cant be too far away from another world title shot. In fact, one or two more high-level wins this year could see him challenging late 2012 or early 2013. The obvious choice would be another Cleverly vs Bellew fight; their first was one of the best in the UK last year and it would put bums on seats.

The obstacle in Bellew's path is his rankings with the sport's prize givers. Love them or hate them, they give the belts, and as of March 2012, only the WBO has Bellew in it's top 15. That rules out getting a mandatory world title shot but if he makes the right noises in the media, something Bellew is good at, he might just talk himself into a title fight.

Tonight Tony Bellew started fast by hurting Danny McIntosh in the second round and dropping him twice in the fight, once in the fourth round and once in the fifth when he landed a devastating right hand to the chin. McIntosh never really got going, and his performance tonight mirrored his performance at one of the pre match press conferences - he didn't turn up.