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After beatingMartin Rogan, Tyson Fury's '0' is intact. But who will he fight next?

Most people who saw Tyson Fury beat Martin Rogan two weeks ago noted that Fury looked less lively, but a lot more controlled. He kept his hands up, which was a start, and patiently waited for openings. Some felt he lost the first two rounds due to inactivity, but Fury sunk Rogan with a drilling body shot and that ended a decent performance. Now that's he's in shape, seems committed and is actually protecting himself, it has become fun again to speculate on who Tyson Fury will fight next.

There are two names we can rule out straight away; Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko. Right now, the K brothers are the ultimate destination of any heavyweight boxer, but Tyson Fury is not ready for them yet. Mick Hennessey, Fury's promoter, admitted as much after the Rogan fight, when he set out a plan for Tyson Fury’s next fights; two or three more matches in 2012, and then a Klitschko fight early 2013.

This leaves a few candidates. David Price is the fight that most British boxing fans want, but Fury doesn't seem too keen on it. He gave up his belts under the guise of wanting to move upwards, but most people think he was simply ducking Price. I can't blame them for coming to that conclusion. Then there's Alexander Dimitrenko or Kubrat Pulev, who fight in May for the EBU title. I don't think either are realistic for two reasons; 1) Neither will be ready to fight until August at the earliest and 2) they are both a step up for Fury.

Now we're getting into needle in a haystack territory. I can't see Mick Hennessey working out a deal for Fury to fight abroad yet, so we're most likely looking local for Tyson Fury's next fight. His rival David Price fights Sam Sexton in a couple of weeks, and I think we'll see something along those lines for Fury in his next outing. I'll put my money on British heavyweight Richard Towers. Towers used to spar Fury, and he is building himself a name in the UK. He is beatable and will look decent on a boxing CV, and if I'm wrong I'll buy you a beer*.

*offernot valid anywhere in the world