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Khan sends out a few Tweets updating us on his rematch with Lamont Peterson

As you know, the rematch between Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson is in major jeopardy after Peterson fails a drugs test. However when the news of Peterson's failed drug test came to light yesterday morning, there was no official statement confirming whether or not the rematch has been cancelled.

Well just a few hours ago, Khan sent out a few Tweets to his followers, updating and sharing his opinion on the current situation.

He Tweeted:

"Yes Peterson was tested positive, VADA randomly tested us throughout the camp and he failed sample A and sample B."

"We are waiting now on the Vegas commission, to make a final decision."

"Big thanks to Floyd Mayweather who stresses about fighters to be tested and we all should agree. We should keep sport clean."

"Peterson's camp admitted they took he took the testosterone before the first fight.. I've worked so hard since the age of 8 to achieve my (cont)"

"(cont) Goals and dreams in the sport and boxing is a dangerous sport a toe to toe battle someone can seriously get hurt especially with an unfair (cont)"

"(cont) Disadvantage, we need to put a stop to this, I still believe they are my belts; I want to thank everyone for their support."

"Let's hope the right thing will be done!"

"What do you think should happen? #TestedPositive #Justice4Khan"

So overall a sensible response from Amir, he still considers himself the Light Welterweight World Champion and after what's gone on, I'm sure everyone else does too. I hated all of the excuses he made after losing the fight with Peterson, but the fact is, he lost the fight unfairly.

What do you think? Should the Khan/Peterson rematch still take place? If not will Golden Boy Promotions try and find a replacement?


Earlier in this post I said that there had been no confirmation on whether or not the Khan/Peterson rematch had been cancelled. Well just a few minutes ago Dan Rafael (Head writer for ESPN boxing) give us an update through Twitter:

"I'm told Amir Khan has no intention of fighting May 19 regardless of what happens. They're talking to HBO Boxing about June 30 TBA.

So we do have an update after all, as expected Khan/Peterson II won't take place and it doesn't look like they will be a change of opponent at this late stage. It's looking like Amir Khan will next fight on June 30th, who do you think he will face?