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On May 21st 2011 Bernard Hopkins won a unanimous decision over Jean Pascal and became the oldest boxer to ever gain a major world championship belt. Following that, B-Hop had a no-contest debacle with Chad Dawson and then lost a majority decision to Dawson six months later. Hopkins is now forty-seven years old, decidedly past his best and has been beaten by a younger man. We ask the obvious question: will he retire?

In terms of fitness, Hopkins is top notch. I remember reading an article months ago where the boxer said he still gets up at 5am on the dot and goes for a run. In that same article, Bernard said that if getting up so early ever became a real chore, he would know it is time to retire.

Unfortunately for him, his age is always going to make retirement a talking point. At forty-seven his body is past its fitness peak, no matter how much he can stay in shape. Eventually time and age will run their course and he won't be able to push himself as hard as he used to. The question there, then, is whether he should quit while he is ahead. He may have lost his last fight, but that isn't a disgrace; he lost to Chad Dawson, a pound for pound fighter who made our top ten list. A lot of people are suggesting that Nathan Cleverly could be Bernard's next opponent. Imagine if Cleverly was able to outbox him. What would we think then?

Hopkins himself is staying positive, and he plans to carry on. He said:
"Regardless of the result, I will continue my career and challenge any champion in my division. I might be older, but I don't feel a decline in my skills or abilities in the ring. I love to fight and am still competing at a level where boxing cannot deny me the opportunity to succeed."
I do agree with what he says there. He is still competing at a high level, and as long as he can do so, he can carry on booking fights. He does need to keep an eye on his legacy though, because even if he is always assured a hall of fame place, he need only take a look at some of his contemporary fighters to know that some carry on too long.

What do you think about B-Hops career? Should he retire, or does he still have some fight left in him?