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A review of The Big Fight: My Story – Sugar Ray Leonard, a boxing book written by a legend


 Everyone knows how great Sugar Ray Leonard was. His fights with Duran, Hearns and Hagler are part of a defining era in boxing history, and one that has been set countless times in book form. You've probably read a few books on it yourself, but you won't have read one like this. In The Big Fight: My Story, you get Sugar Ray's viewpoint of the whole period, his ups, his downs, his wins and his disappointments.

The Big Fight: My Story is written with a brutal honesty, and Sugar Ray kicks things off by spending some extended time in his youth, an area you may not be familiar with. Sugar Ray did not have the easiest of upbringings, and some of the things he says in The Big Fight will surprise you enough to make you put the book down, make a cup of tea and reflect on what you have just read about one of boxing's legends. This book isn't simply an extended rehash of a biography you could read on Wikipedia; it is a first source document that you owe it to yourself to read if you are a boxing and Sugar Ray Leonard fan.

In the 80s Sugar Ray meant an awful lot to an army of boxing fans. He defined athleticism and boxing skill, but he was thoughtful and intelligent to boot. He was the most charismatic boxer of that generation, as good at holding the view of a camera as he was at throwing a bolo punch. He never shied away from a fight, and it wasn't enough for him to simply beat his opponents; he had to destroy therm. After beating Duran, Sugar Ray said “To make a man quit, to make Roberto Durán quit, was better than knocking him out.”

The Big Fight: My Story is a great boxing book because it is like having one of your heroes tell you his life story. Forget anything you read on the web, anything you see on TV. Ignore the speculation of boxing writers and pundits. If you want to know about the 80s boxing middleweight scene, then buy this book.

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