If you're looking to get in shape like a boxer or you're just looking for some boxing workouts to add to your own routine then you're at the right place. You can also find plenty of drills, techniques and tips to help you exercise like a champ.

Boxing is a great way to keep fit, and even if you don't want to be competitive there is a lot to gain from just learning the discipline and getting greater control of your body. If you're thinking of learning how to box, we've compiled some resources on the web to get you started. We'll probably go into greater detail on each one and post several parts.

You need to look at two things; fitness and technique. Both take motivation, discipline and patience. You need to accept that improvements come gradually, not all at once. Every workout you do gives you an incremental improvement, and the longer you carry on, the better you get.

Depending on how serious you are about this, you will want to start modifying your diet. This is fairly easy to do, it is just about eating the right foods in the right quantities. In general, you're looking at cutting out the junk food and switching to things that give some nutritional benefit. Foods like turkey, fish, eggs, fruit and veg and lots of water. Here's a link to get you started on the boxer's diet

Before you box, you have to get your stance right. Are you going orthodox or southpaw? How do you position your legs? Here's a video to help you.

In any boxing how to guide we need to talk about punches, and the jab is the one most people learn first. It is a distance setter, and it can help you get in rhythm and set up combinations. Here's a video on how to throw a jab.

Here's how to throw one of the most damaging of punches - the hook. Some boxers who used the hook for devasting effect are Manny Pacquiao, Joe Frazier, Sugar Ray Robinson, Mike Tyson and Tommy Morrison.

Body Punch
Looking to tire out your opponent and then take him out in the later rounds? Learn how to throw a body punch. If you want to know how effective body punching can be, just think of Miguel Cotto and the punishment he doled out to his opponent's bodies.

Here's how to throw a straight.

If you really want to get the judges and your opponent's attention, start firing off combinations. Done right, you can rack up some serious points.

The last punch in this boxing how to guide is the uppercut. Here's how to throw one.

As mentioned earlier, we'll return to this series soon to really go into detail on each aspect of boxing training, including diet, fitness exercises, and technique. We'll give advice and round up the best of Youtube into the bargain. In the meantime, if there is anything you want us to include then just send us an email at punchbagblog@gmail.com.