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Here is our current boxing pound for pound list. You'll notice a certain gentleman occupying number 1 spot - we feel Mayweather's performance on Saturday makes him deserve to be top of the list. Manny Pacquiao fights Timothy Bradley on June 9th, and that match could have repercussions for both guys.

If Pacquiao scores a knockout or completely dominating win, I think he'll get the number 1 spot back. This means Bradley, currently 10th, would drop of the list and leave the last spot up for grabs. If were Bradley pulls off a stunning upset however, he will leap frog right into the top echelons of the list.

Elsewhere Chad Dawson's victory over Bernard Hopkins earns him a decent place on the list, and the all-conquering Klitschko brothers make an appearance. Vitali is looking pretty healthy at fifth, a placing that is going to be difficult for him to improve on in the future because the competition isn't out there for him to fight.

1 - Floyd Mayweather

2 - Manny Pacquiao

3 - Sergio Martinez

4 - Andre Ward

5 - Vitali Klitschko

6 - Nonito Donaire

7 - Juan Manuel Maquez

8 - Chad Dawson

9 - Wladimir Klitschko

10 - Timothy Bradley