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Before I get right into posting the prediction league results I need to say two things. First, thanks to everyone who is taking part.  I'm hoping this will be a lot of fun, and it is you guys that will make it so. If you're reading this and haven't joined, you can still enter the league in the next three weeks. After that, entry closes. Come and have a go.

The second thing I need to say is an apology. The rules of this are that we'll post five fights a week, but as soon as I said that, I went and posted six. D'oh. I could try and say I was testing you to see if you picked up on it, but that would be bullcrap. I just plain messed up, and I'm sorry about that. As it turned out, the Shafikov fight was moved anyway, it will now be on May 31st, so I guess everything turned out right in the end.

By the way, if you only predicted on 5 fights, and one of them was the rescheduled Shafikov vs Zamora fight, I've given you an extra point.

Now onto the results. You know by now that Froch beat Lucian Bute, and in the process he has lost some people points. The rest of the fights came out with the winners you would expect, but let's see how many of you got the right method of victory. Here are the results and standings:

Carl Froch (KO) vs Lucian Bute
Lee Selby (KO) vs Patrick Okine
Luis Concepcion (KO) vs Odilon Zaleta
Carl Frampton (UD) vs Raul Hirales
Luciano Abis vs Rafal Jackiewicz (KO)
Denis Shafikov vs Brunet Zamora  - Rescheduled

Boxing League Standings Week 1
The first week is over and we have roxy_diego and @theladhimself both sharing the top spot with ten points. The reason they did so well is that both of them went against the grain and predicted a Carl Froch victory, and both said it would be a knockout. Well done on that!

Below them are andymol, SWALKS and Dunne all with respectable scores, and if they have a good week next time, any of them could challenge for the top spot. It is still early days, so this league could be turned upside down by this time next week. Come back on Monday or Tuesday to see the next boxing fixtures to work your prediction magic on.

roxy_diego 10


Dunne 7
Davor 6
wallworkjake 6
@superstarste 6
Dan2012 6





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