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Carl Froch fights Lucian Bute this weekend, six months after his Super Six loss to Andre Ward. If you remember the build up to the Ward fight you'll remember Froch, normally mild-mannered when you see him work as a pundit, try to trash talk and cajole his opponent. It didn't work that time because Ward was as cool as can be in the ring, but Froch is hoping the same tactics will have an effect second time round against Lucian Bute.

Froch has targeted his verbal cannons at Lucian Bute's record, saying two things about it - 1) that Bute has fought hand-picked opponents, and 2) the IBF champion won't leave his hometown. Carl Froch doesn't always keep an eye on the accuracy of things he says (some took issue with him declaring his legacy better than Joe Calzaghe's), so let's take a closer look at both statements.

First there's the issue of Bute choosing easy fights. His early record is like any other boxer's, full of journeymen. In his last ten fights though, all IBF title defences, Bute has beaten Glen Johnson, Brian Magee, Edison Miranda, Librado Andrade (just about)and Sakio Bika. Those guys aren't bums by a long shot, and Andrade almost beat Bute, so the claim of hand-picked opponents doesn't ring true.

One question that must be answered is about Bute's glaring omission from the Super Six tournament. Whether it was through Bute's fault or Showtime's, missing the tournament meant that Bute hasn't fought the best in the super middleweight tournament, whereas Carl Froch has.

Next lets take a look at Froch's second statement. Is Lucian Bute a hometown fighter? Does he hate airplane food so much that he won't leave Canada? In Bute's last ten fights, seven were in his hometown of Montreal, and nine were in Canada. Froch might just have a point here. It also needs to be pointed out that in Carl Froch's last ten fights, five were in Nottingham and the rest were overseas.

So there you go. Froch does have a point with what he has said this time. Does it actually make a difference? Not really. If he's trying to make Lucian Bute feel uncomfortable fighting on Froch's home soil he's wasting his time. Bute doesn't seem like the type to get ruffled, and Froch's Nottinghamshire fanbase will have to do a lot of shouting to get inside his head.