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This is the second biggest fight to be held this month, but it will almost certainly be the most competitive. Carl Froch fights Lucian Bute on Saturday, and it is a tough one to call. I'm going to give my prediction on the fight, but with one warning; if you use my prediction when you play Punchbag Blog's Prediction League, don't blame me if it goes belly up.

Let's take a look at the fighters. First you've got Froch. He's fighting in his hometown for the first time in 31 months, and he's coming off a series of fights where he beat top guys like Glen Johnson, Arthur Abraham and Jermaine Taylor. Froch is going to revel in the support of the fans that travel to Nottingham to see him fight, and no one can argue he doesn't deserve the homecoming.

That said, it's not all rosy for Froch. He is coming into this fight with a loss on his back, one he picked up in the final of Showtime's Super Six tournament where he was out boxed by Andre Ward. This was a fight where Froch was plain outclassed by a fighter that was better athletically, defensively and technically. Such an all-round defeat can't have done much for his self-confidence, though to his credit Froch has admitted he was beaten by the better boxer.

Lucian Bute's confidence is sky high. After 30 fights he has never been beaten and he's only ever had one real slip-up. This came late on in his fight with Librado Andrade, where Andrade had the opportunity to finish Bute but a long count meant he couldn't, and in the rematch Bute go rid of him in four rounds. It is safe to class his trouble in the first Andrade fight as a one-off.

A lot has been made about Bute's tendency to fight in his hometown, in that the IBF Champion has only left Canada once. There are two trains of thought here; one, the most optimistic for Froch fans, is that Bute will find the home crowd intimidating and will struggle. The other is that Bute is so confident that he is willing to travel to another country to fight one of the best super middleweights in the world, and because of this he won't care about opposing fans. The state of Bute's head is only known to one man in the world, so I can't answer that. Here are the facts: in Bute's thirty fights, all but one have been in Canada.

I think Bute wins this fight, and I think he does it by knockout. Once reason is his ferocious body shots. Carl Froch doesn't look like a guy who is especially open to body punches, but Bute is such a master of them that they will find their way through. Just take a look at his demolition of Brian Magee and you will see what I mean. If these start landing on Froch's flesh, I can't see him staying up long. For me, Bute gets a knockout win on Saturday.

That's my prediction, what's yours? Let me know in the comments, or better still join our prediction league (if you're reading this on Saturday you'll have to wait until next week to join).