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Carl Froch left as lot of us eating our words on Saturday with a devastating treatment of Lucian Bute, serving up the ex-IBF champion on a plate for the Nottingham crowd to devour. Froch is now one of the main money-men in the division and can likely make any fight he chooses to, whether that's against a fish monger in Grimsby or Mikkel Kessler in Vegas. Carl Froch can fight anyone he wants. With that in mind, let's take a look at the usual suspects.

Rematch with Bute This isn't in Froch's control, as Bute has the right to activate a clause in their contract that grants him an immediate rematch in Canada. This is not a fight Froch will want because there is limited value in it, but he won't be worried about it. After last night, you'd be crazy to back Bute to beat Froch even in his own living room.

Froch vs Kessler II This is my favourite option of the bunch. Back in 2010 Froch and Kessler had a match in which Froch lost for the first time in his career. He started the fight slow, probably thrown off by Kessler's fervent home support, but he found his way in the middle rounds and even floored Kessler only for the ref to say he slipped. Kessler was at Nottingham last night to watch Froch-Bute, and even went as far as to praise Carl in a quick interview with Sky Sports. Kessler obviously wants this match and the fans want it too, but the question is does Carl Froch want it?

Move up and the fight winner of Cloud - Pascal Aside from Ward (who won't be there for long) and Kessler, who is left for Froch at super middleweight? I can't see him wanting to fight Robert Stieglitz, Arthur Abraham or Kelly Pavlik and he's already beaten Andre Dirrell, albeit in a close match. A move up to light heavyweight could be the answer, and taking on the winner of Tavoris Cloud and Jean Pascal is a lucrative fight to make.

Andre Ward Rematch Andre Ward is the biggest fight Froch could have, but it is also the one I least want to see. You probably watched their first fight and if you did, you will have seen that Ward's style is too difficult for Froch to deal with. Andre Ward just isn't a good fight for the Cobra, and although he has always insisted the fight was closer than it seemed, Froch probably won't want Ward again.

For his next fight, I'm going to go for Carl Froch vs Mikkel Kessler. Who do you think he will face next?