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Emanuel Steward breaks down the David Haye Vs Dereck Chisora fight

Hall of Fame trainer Emanuel Steward recently had an interview with 'On The Ropes Boxing Radio' and in the interview he talked about the recently announced David Haye/Dereck Chisora fight. Steward currently trains Heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko who fought David Haye in 2011, and was twice scheduled to fight Dereck Chisora. So Steward knows a lot about the two British Heavyweights.

Steward was asked who he favours to win the upcoming Haye/Chisora fight and he answered:

"You know Haye's got a little speed. Haye's got speed and thinks well, but Chisora is a bulldog type of guy that's going to be coming in. Both guys have kind of a tough street mindset. I would say a little slight edge would still have to go with David. Not only does he have speed, but David's also got explosive hands too. I just don't know if he can hold up to the the consistent pressure of Chisora. 

Even though Chisora is not as skill-full as David and not as fast, he's a very tenacious type of consistent fighter. David likes to fight in spots, move around, explode, fights in spots, looks to explode, move around. If Chisora keeps that consistent pressure on him he might take him off track and Chisora might be able to beat him. Also Chisora is a full Heavyweight while David is not much more than still an oversized Cruiserweight. I would give a little slight edge still to David, though." 

I agree with what Steward said about Chisora's constant pressure potentially being a big problem for Haye, and I think Chisora will stop Haye late on in the fight. However, Haye still has a good chance of knocking Chisora out in the early rounds. 

Do you agree with Emanuel Steward?