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They might be 6ft plus heavyweights, but we're going to get a good display of boxing tonight when David Price fights Sam Sexton. Now, we're fans of Tyson Fury on this site, but we have to say something about this match; it should be Fury fighting Price. That is the heavyweight fight British fans want to see, but it is one we aren't going to get. And that is Fury's fault.

Anyway, enough of that. Tonight's fight is straight forward for some; they see Price getting the eleventh knockout of his career and then moving on. This view is fuelled in a large part by Price's easy knockout of John McDermott in their January fight, but to think it will be as easy this time round is a mistake. Sam Sexton will be in better shape and he's a technically more proficient fighter than McDermott. He also won't go in looking for the quick knockout; he will be more cautious, and less-prone to letting Price in.

We're going to get a longer fight this time, and Sexton will be able to cause Price trouble in parts. That said, we still expect Price to win, and we think he'll do it by knockout. Here's a David Price vs Sam Sexton video for you, courtesy of Noholdsbarredboxing's Youtube channel.

Punchbag Blog's prediction: Price to win by KO