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I say who I think David Price's next opponent will be

Just over one week ago, David Price demolished Sam Sexton in under 5 rounds to win the British Heavyweight title, and by doing so he became the first British Heavyweight champion to come from Liverpool. Price has expressed his interest in winning the British title outright, to win the British title outright you have to successfully defend the belt three times.

I'm not sure Price will be able to find three suitable British Heavyweights who will be willing to fight for his British title, but I can think of one who would welcome the challenge. I think David Price will fight Audley Harrison next.

I wasn't at all surprised when I saw Harrison Tweet to his followers that he wants to fight David Price. But I was suprised to here Price express interest in fighting Audley Harrison. After Price's win over Sexton, he was interviewed by iFilmLdnProductions and in the interview he was asked who he could fight next. Price said ideally he would like to fight Tyson Fury, but he doesn't consider that fight a realistic possibility in the near future.

Around the six minute mark in the video below Price says:

"Audley's been piping up again, the thing is with Audley Harrison he sells, so we just don't know, we'll have a talk and see what happens."

Audley is coming off a decent win, and like Price said, he sells. A fight between Price and Harrison would attract a lot of attention from boxing fans in the UK. But in truth, the fight would be a complete mis-match. Harrison fights tall and likes to keep smaller opponents on the end of his jab. Well Price is bigger, has a long reach and a better jab than Harrison, if the fight happens, I predict an early knock-out win for Price. 

For those interested, here is Price's interview with iFilmLondon where he talks about Audley Harrison, Tyson Fury and the Klitschko's:

So, do you agree with me? Do you think David Price will fight Audley Harrison next?