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Boxing News: Two really good fights have been made in the Middleweight division

                                                     Image from Badlefthook

The Welterweight division is considered the best division in boxing today. But with the announcement of two fights featuring two Middleweight title holders, the Middleweight division just got very interesting. ESPN's Dan Rafael Tweeted:

"I'm told Dmitry Pirog meets Gennady Golovkin 8/25 on HBO instead of Daniel Geale, who's instead going to Germany to face Felix Sturm 9/1."

The newly announced fights between Dmitry Pirog/Gennady Golovkin and Felix Sturm/Daniel Geale are very tough fights to predict. Pirog has faced the better competition than Golovkin has, but I was more impressed with Golovkin in his last two fights than I was with Pirog. I pick Golovkin by knock-out.

I was very impressed with Sturm's destruction of Sebastian Zbik, but I still think that Sturm is a 'Past-prime' fighter who is there for the taking. I give Geale the edge, but with the fight being in Germany, Sturm always has a chance.

This is exactly what the Middleweight division needs, champions fighting the best contenders out there. Another example of this is Julio Cesar Chavez Jr's upcoming fight with Andy Lee, with the winner potentially fighting Sergio Martinez. With all these fights happening this year, the Middleweight division is fastly becoming one of the best in boxing. 

Who do you think will win these newly announced Middleweight fights? And who do you consider to be the best Middleweight in the world?