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by Adam Thorn

As part of an awareness push for the men’s mental health charity CALM (www.thecalmzone.net) I was asked to interview Frank Maloney. Being a boxing nut I jumped at the chance and thank goodness, it all went very well. The interview will be run as part of a series on the CALM website, part one is HERE. The charity do really good work, and if you weren’t aware that suicide is the number one cause of death in men aged 16 – 35 then you should be, it is a horrid, saddening fact that needs not to be ignored.

Frank spoke openly and honestly about his life, career and experiences, and in order to reach out to more men, CALM have given the following clip exclusive to Punchbag Blog. It is an anecdote about the difficulty Frank had with Scott Harrison, a talented and sadly, troubled, boxer. This will not appear in the main interview, so, enjoy; then get clicking over to the CALM website for more!

Frank Maloney: Scott Harrison, Scottish kid, who again, I led from an 18 year old kid and took all the way to a world title. It turned out that Scott had a major drinking problem, and he was putting coke up his nose quicker than we could drink those cups of tea. Anyways, so, he disappeared. He had a couple of world title fights lined up and he disappeared and his father phoned me. We went to Scotland and we found him in a certain part of Scotland, absolutely out of his rocket, out of his head.

I tricked him saying that I was going to take him to a party in, down South at a friend’s house. We drove all the way from Glasgow down south to the South Coast. We were giving him, and I was on the phone to this place that I’d done some research and found, I was talking to the head of the clinic and he was telling me, “keep giving him lager, keep him talking.”

When we eventually got there, Scott sort of, he’d come down a bit. I mean the drive was, if you ever drive twelve hours with a guy who’s really high, drunk, it sort of takes a lot and you want to get there, you don’t want to stop. It was me and his father and we eventually got there. One of the problems with Scott was they couldn’t admit he had a problem, the people around him, I was supposed to be at a big family do that weekend, but I stayed at the clinic, which caused a lot of problems with my wife and my family over there, that I was putting too much time into the boxers. Not putting my family first.

The boxers, are they all quite demanding of you or do they just ring you when they need you? 

FM: It depends. Athletes are strangle people, you have to be a bit mad to box anyway so you’re not dealing with normal humans.

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