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Warren and Hearn bring up some valid points on the Haye/Chisora licensing situation

                                                 Image courtesy of The Sun

Boxing promoters Frank Warren and Barry Hearn both appeared on a British sports radio show to discuss the whole 'Haye/Chisora licensing situation.' Although both men appeared on the show at different times, Warren still heard what Hearn had to say about the situation, and he brought up some very interesting points in defending his decision to provide Dereck Chisora and David Haye with a Luxenbourg boxing license.

If you are interested in listening to what both promoters had to say about the controversial topic then watch this video courtesy of WOODDDDDDDYAFIST11:

If you watched the video and listened to what Frank Warren and Barry Hearn had to say then who in your opinion had the more valid points? I think Frank Warren got the best of that exchange.