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Thinking of subscribing to Boxnation for the big fight? We try and answer your questions.

If you're desperate to watch Floyd vs Miguel as  it happens, then you've already resigned yourself to staying up until the birds sing, until you're bleary eyed and you've emptied your jar of Nescafe. The only thing is, you need to know where to watch it. You've probably heard that Boxnation is the only UK option, but after hearing it is a subscription service, you probably have questions. We'll try to give you the answers.

Is Boxnation the only UK channel showing the fight?
- In the UK, yes it is. They signed a deal for exclusivity because they are looking to increase subscription numbers.

Can I get Boxnation as a one-off for Mayweather vs Cotto?
- Not exactly. You need to subscribe to the channel, and it costs £10 per month. There is no minimum term though, so you could sign up for tonights fight and then cancel when it is done. To be honest though, if you're going to subscribe for a month, you may as well see that month through. You might like it, and there are more fights coming up.

Where can I subscribe?
- If you have Sky, go to channel 456. If you're with Virgin, go to 546. Alternative go to www.livesport.tv and do it online.

Do you recommend it?
- We wrote a review when Boxnation was new, and we recommended it for hardcore boxing fans, said most boxing fans would be happy with it and that casual fans may want to think twice.

This was in a large part due to the minimum six-month subscription term. Boxnation have now gotten rid of the minimum term according to their website, so you can cancel at any time. Due to that, I'd recommend the channel to any boxing fan regardless of how often you get time to watch it.