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The heavyweight division has been a sleeping giant over the last few years, suffering from a lack of depth in competition at the top end of the rankings, as well as promoters finding difficulty in getting heavyweights to actually fight each other. I'll knock on wood while I say this, but I think the division is turning a corner.

When was the last time this weight class was so talked about? It seems like there is a real hype going on now and, like it or not, a lot of that is down to the David Haye vs Dereck Chisora fight. I'm not going to wander into the moral maze between the BBBofC and Frank Warren, but I do know that a lot of people are taking about it. I don't just mean boxing fans either. People I know who aren't into boxing are coming up to me to chat about the fight, and some of them are getting Boxnation just so they can watch it.

It's difficult to say a fight like this is right or wrong, and to make a definitive statement like that means you're ignoring some of the angles. Yes, it is a circus show, but consider the positives. If non-boxing fans are subscribing to a boxing channel for the sake of watching a single fight, that can only be a good thing. This fight will lead to them watching another one, and another, and so on.

Freak shows aside, there's other stuff going on in the heavyweight division. In Britain there's hopeful talk of us having a future heavyweight champion in David Price, and he's looking better with every fight. Opposite him is Tyson Fury, a young, undefeated heavyweight who has talent but could use some discipline. Price and Fury had a rivalry boiling that would sell tickets by the thousands. I've said for a while that Frank Maloney and Mick Hennessey should get together and put Price and Fury in the MEN arena. It would be the best British heavyweight fight in years.

Moving East there are the European heavyweights like Alexander Povetkin and Kubrat Pulev, both undefeated. Travel way over to the west and you have the American heavyweights, where Deontay Wilder and Seth Mitchell labour under the weight of high expectations. Imagine what will happen when all these fighters, Wilder, Fury, Price and Mitchell in particular, step it up and start to fight each other. We are in for a great run of fights over the next few years.

The once-darling division of the boxing media has for a long time taken a rest and let the lower weight classes have some glory, but now it is stretching and getting to its feet. The heavyweight division is about to get a whole lot better.