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Building up a reputation under the promotion of Floyd Mayweather, Jessie Vargas takes another step up against Steve Forbes

Jessie Vargas is a talented boxer, no doubt, but unfortunately the hype around him has been magnified by a master of the media machine - Floyd Mayweather. Money Mayweather sees something in Vargas and wants to guide him to the top,and Mayweather's method of doing this is to talk rubbish about the young fighter. You might remember months ago that Floyd Mayweather said he wasn't interested in a fight with Amir Khan - he felt Khan needed to get past his underling Vargas first.

That is obviously preposterous, but we can't blame Vargas for that. The twenty-two year old, unbeaten in eighteen fights, gets a chance to prove what he is made of next Saturday when he faces veteran Steve Forbes. Along with Alvarez - Mosley, a match between Jessie Vargas and Steve Forbes is a draw of the Mayweather-Cotto undercard.

Forbes, 35, used to be a world title contender (he lost a WBC welterweight fight to Andre Berto), but with the advancing years he has lost his way. His record in his last ten fights makes sorry reading - three wins and seven losses. Once upon a time, he would have been a challenge for Vargas. Now I fear he is just a step over.

Jessie Vargas won't get a ton of credit for a win over Forbes, but he can at least show people that he does his talking in the ring. If he can score a convincing win, an early-round knockout maybe, it would go someway to proving his talent, but he will still have a lot more to do.