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The two experienced veterans could fight each other in July

Over the past couple of days, there have been talks of a possible Juan Manuel Marquez/Zab Judah fight for July the 14th at the Cowboys stadium in Arlington, Texas. Zab Judah seems very interested in making the fight happen, he told ESPN'S Dan Rafael:

"This is a fight I wanted a couple of years ago and I still want it. I want him. He fought Floyd Mayweather and never touched him and he got dropped. I can do that, too."

Following his stoppage win over Vernon Paris, Judah obviously seems confident that he can beat Marquez. Marquez attended the Floyd Mayweather/Miguel Cotto fight last weekend and he was asked questions by the media about the potential fight with Judah.

Here is what Marquez has to say about who he could fight in July courtesy of ESNEWS:

So a fight between Marquez and Judah isn't official, but Marquez says he wants to fight a southpaw next and following Paul McCloskey's loss to DeMarcus Corley, there aren't many southpaws left for Marquez to fight in the Light Welterweight division.

If Marquez fought Judah, who would you pick to win?