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You might have noted the ambiguity in this title - I decided to go for 'Klitschko' rather than specify Wladimir or Vitali, and that is because for the purposes of this post I could be writing about either of the brothers. With Wladimir's upcoming title defence against Tony Thompson, Dereck Chisora fighting David Haye, and Vitali at home playing on his Xbox, I thought it would be good to take a look at the possibility of another massive heavyweight fight.

The first thing to mention is that Wladimir has already fought Haye and Vitali has been in the ring with Chisora. I find it very unlikely that Wladimir would ever want see Haye up close again let alone box him for twelve rounds, because their last fight was a damp squib. The two men faithfully promoted their match, doing the media rounds and turning it into a mega fight that millions of people bought in to, only for just one man to go missing in the ring. Wlad won't let Haye do that again.

Vitali Klitschko vs Dereck Chisora was a good fight, and Dereck gave a great account of himself. The only thing that marred the whole event was what took place in the press conference afterwards, but I'm sure you already know enough of that to save me recounting it. Safe to say it was a disgrace, it meant he won't fight Vitali again, and it leads me directly onto my next item...

...Which is the upcoming Haye vs Chisora fight at Upton Park. Even if either of the men were still in with a shot at a Klitschko before, this fight ended all hope. Both fighters, along with promoter Frank Warren, have gone against the wishes of the BBBofC and are staging a heavyweight clash in July. This has split boxing fans into two camps; one being the 'Yeah, I'll watch that' camp, and the other a 'What a joke of a fight' camp. Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko have both sided with the second, branding the fight a 'freak show'. The Mirror reported Wladimir as saying:

"What kind of message is this fight sending? It’s a freak show. I saw a picture of the press conference where there was a fence between the two guys. I was surprised Chisora didn’t spit through the fence like a camel in the zoo. 
“In his previous fight, against my brother, he was slapping, spitting and he did that on the world stage. So the message we’re sending to the youth is that the bigger the freak you are the more money you’ll make and the more attention you’ll get."

The basic message here is that both David Haye and Dereck Chisora had already done a lot to damage their chances of a second big-money fight with a Klitschko brother, and by staging this rebellious fight at Upton Park they have all-but shattered their chances in the future. Still, I think their clash will be a great fight and now that David Price is starting to come good, I don't think we really need to see Haye or Chisora fight a Klitschko.