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Boxing News: Lennox Lewis tells the young Heavyweights they need to gain experience 

Image from Boxnews

Former IBO, IBF and WBC Heavyweight World Champion, Lennox Lewis gave a word of advice to all of the promising, young prospects in the Heavyweight division today.

"I think ANY of the new HW prospects should be wary of trying to jump straight into ring with the Klitschko's #ExperienceRequired"

"In my day you had to work ur way up the ranks fighting ranked opponents B4 u got a title shot. Testing urself and gaining valuable experience."

"There's a lot of solid new prospects in the HW division...but they aren't ready 4 Klitschko's after 15-20 fights. #TakeYourTime"

"Ppl shouldn't think of gaining experience by the months...it's by the FIGHTS that u gain experience and quality of opponents."

After Lewis Tweeted all of this, he replied to this Tweet:

"Fighters need to go through levels: domestic->Commonwealth->European->World<--Agreed."

Lennox Lewis obviously think's it is very important to gain experience and not rush into a World Title fight, and judging by the post fight interview David Price and Frank Maloney (Price's promoter) had last night, they also believe that there is no need to get into a fight with a Klitschko brother in the near future.

So, do you think the likes of David Price, Tyson Fury and Seth Mitchell should call out a Klitschko now? Or do you agree with Lennox Lewis in thinking these Heavyweight prospects should wait a few years before they fight for a World Title?