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Boxing News: Lennox Lewis shows his disapproval for the Chisora vs Haye fight

It’s the kind of issue that divides the boxing community – whether David Haye vs Dereck Chisora is a great fight or a freak show. Legalities aside, it’s good to get the opinions of professionals in the boxing world, and it doesn’t look like people are holding back on this one.

The latest to deliver his opinion on the fight is former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis. According to ESPN, Lewis is leaning toward the freak show side of the argument, branding the fight as being in “poor taste”. He is in support of the BBBofC ruling that Chisora should not hold a boxing license, and that the fight should not go ahead. He told ESPN:

"I don't think there can ever be justification for going behind the British board's back. We all know the board is there for a reason, and they made a decision to suspend Chisora's licence in good faith, so to go around their jurisdiction is pretty poor, it's in poor taste. And for two boxers from England to go abroad and behave in that manner was damaging for the country's image.
Slapping your opponent at the weigh-in, spitting in another champion's face in the ring, throwing a punch while holding a bottle and threatening to shoot a fellow boxer was all way over the top”.

There haven’t been many things happen in boxing lately that have polarised the community so much. What’s your take on it?