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Miguel Cotto is going to need some time to recover from his spirited loss against Floyd Mayweather. The sheer effort that must go into just preparing for a Mayweather fight, as well as the bucket load of energy expended actually in the ring with him, would lay any fighter out for months. Cotto has some resting to do, but once that's finished it's likely we'll see the Puerto Rican in the ring against a top opponent.

So, who will Miguel Cotto fight next?

Rising Mexican star Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is the first, and most remote, possibility. The WBC champion fights Andy Lee in June, meaning that he could be in action again in late October/November.

Next up is our pound for pound number three, Sergio Martinez. The middleweight champion has been feasting on British fighters lately with wins over Darren Barker and Matthew Macklin, and a Puerto Rican would be a welcome change of diet for him. This is a fight that fans want to see, and one that Martinez wants to take. Martinez's promoter, Lou DiBella, has been trying to fix up a Mayweather match for his fighter, but failing that Cotto vs Martinez could be a go-er.

Lastly in our trio of opponents is Saul Alvarez. The wonderkid fought on the Mayweather-Cotto card where he used his strength to beat Shane Mosley. Alvarez gets more praise with each fight and he could be ready now for Cotto. It would be a risky fight though, and one his promoter Richard Schaefer would think twice about throwing him into. In fact, word from Goldenboy suggests that flawed aggressor James Kirkland is the favourite to face Alvarez.

I'll stick my foolish neck out and go for Sergio Martinez as Cotto's next opponent. At this stage, Miguel is going to want a high-earning, guts and glory fight.

What do you think?