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Now that Khan vs Peterson May 19th fight is cancelled, you're no doubt looking for another fight to watch that weekend. After all, you'd already set the night aside for boxing, you might as well use it. There are a couple fights still on offer, one being David Price vs Sam Sexton. The other is a light heavyweight clash between Mikkel Kessler and Allan Green.

Kessler has always been a world-level fighter in the super middleweight division, but this match marks his debut as a light heavyweight. As a super middleweight, Kessler was for a long time been one of the best in the division, and it took someone as special as Joe Calzaghe to shake him from the top spot back in 2007.

Since his loss to Calzaghe, Kessler's only top-level win is a unanimous decision against Carl Froch in 2010. In his other elite fight Kessler lost out to Andre Ward, although we now know that there is no shame in that. For Green's part, he doesn't have any significant top level wins, and last year he lost to Andre Ward and Glen Johnson.

Losing to Andre Ward isn't the only thing these two have in common. A lot has been made lately of Kessler's age, with some writing him off as "past it". We all know that boxers age quicker than your average man, but at 32, Kessler is not over the hill. There have been signs of slowing reactions in his last fights, but these aren't enough to become alarming. Besides, Green is also 32 years old and will share the same problems as Kessler.

For me, this is a Kessler stoppage. Green is going to fight like a dog, but ultimate Kessler will put an end to things by KO. The only way I can see Green winning is if Kessler has declined much more than we fought, and Green puts in a career-great performance.

You can watch Kessler vs Green on Boxnation on May 19th.