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One of my favourite prospects in world boxing

Earlier in the year, I did a few posts where I talked about some of my favourite prospects in the Heavyweight division. Well I decided to continue that trend but instead of talking about Heavyweights alone, let's talk about some of the best prospects in all of boxing. Starting with Super Middleweight Adonis Stevenson.

Stevenson is from Quebec, Canada and his record reads 18-1 15KO. He has just the one loss on his record and that was a technical knock-out loss to journeyman Darnell Boone. But since that loss, Stevenson is on a winning streak of 5 knock-outs, which is why I find him so exciting, he always goes for the knock-out.

Emanuel Steward (Stevenson's trainer) was recently interviewed by 'The Pugilist Corner' and in the interview he mentioned that Stevenson's next fight will be in August, in Canada. Steward also said this:

"IBF had informed us that the winner of Carl Froch Vs Lucian Bute had 9 months to fight against Adonis Stevenson."

So if what Emanuel Steward said is right, then we could see Carl Froch fight Adonis Stevenson before the end of the year. As I said earlier, Stevenson always goes for the knock-out, and Froch is never in a boring fight, so a fight between Stevenson and Froch would guarantee a lot of excitement, and probably wouldn't go the distance.

Emanuel Steward also talked about the time Stevenson sparred with Lucian Bute:

"Adonis sparred with Bute before and they (Bute's trainer's) told us Adonis was too rough and he had to leave."

This obviously doesn't mean that Stevenson would beat Bute just because he gave him a tough time in sparring, but based on what happened to Bute last weekend, Stevenson would give him a very tough fight.

I became a fan on Stevenson when I saw him knock-out Noe Gonzalez Alcoba on ESPN's Friday Night Fights. I couldn't find a video of that fight on YouTube, but here is a video of Adonis Stevenson's spectacular knock-out win over Jesus Gonzalez courtesy of OnlyFighterBlogspot:

So what do you think? Can Adonis Stevenson become a World Champion? If he were to fight Carl Froch at the end of the year, what do you think would happen?