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Hello and welcome to the first ever Punchbag Blog Prediction League! Everyone likes to say who they think will win an upcoming fight, and many of you tell us what you think right here on this site. We thought we'd make it competitive and start up a prediction league. The concept is simple:

1) We post five fights a week
2) You make predictions
3) You get 3 points for a correct exact result (Mayweather by KO) and 1 point for a correct general result (Mayweather to win). If you guess Mayweather - KO, and he wins by decision, you get 1 point.
4) We add them up in a league, and the best boxing brain wins.

Get Involved 
Taking part is easy; leave a comment under this post with the name you want to go by, and make sure you use your email so we know no-one tries to pretend to be you.

Let's Get It On!
Here are this weeks five fights:   **We unwittingly picked six fights this week, so make sure you predict all six**

1) Carl Froch (28-2-0) vs Lucian Bute (30-0-0)   (super middleweight)
2) Lee Selby (12-1-0) vs Patrick Okine (11-1-1)   (featherweight)
3) Luis Conception (24-3-0) vs Odilon Zaleta (14-1-0)   (flyweight)
4) Carl Frampton (13-0-0) vs Raul Hirales (16-0-1)   (super bantamweight)
5) Luciano Abis (32-2-1) vs Rafal Jackiewicz (40-10-1)    (welterweight)
6) Denis Shafikov (28-0-1) vs Brunet Zamora (22-0-2)   (light welterweight)

Sample card:
1) Froch - MD
2) Selby - KO
3) Zaleta - UD
4) Frampton - UD
5) Abis - KO
6) Shafikov - SD

KO = knockout, UD = unanimous decision, MD=majority decision, SD=split decision

So there you go, the first five fights in the first ever Punchbag Blog Prediction League. Everyone is welcome, and all you need to do is leave a comment with the name you'd like to use and your email (your email won't be shown if you use the comment fields below).

Other stuff:
Each series will be run for 12 weeks, with 5 new fights each week
New players can join in the first four weeks
You get 1 point just for showing up and making predictions in a given week

To keep track of the league, and the blog in general, subscribe by email:

Keep me updated!:

Any questions send Ian an email  at punchbagblog@gmail.com

We posted six fights instead of five. While being an embarrassing error, it's not the end of the world. Anyone who only posted five fight predictions will get a bonus point on us, as well as a heart-felt apology.