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Some feel that cruiserweight is one of the quieter boxing divisions, and that it is not as exciting as the "glamour" weight classes like welterweight and heavyweight. That is simply not true; it is correct that the cruiserweight division doesn't get enough attention, but in terms of boxing it is great. One big reason for this is that, and I'm winding you up here, all the top fighters actually face each other. Shocking, I know.

Here's our top ten cruiserweight list.

10 - Troy Ross (25-2-0 16KOs)
One of the veterans of the list, thirty-six year old Troy Ross has won all but one of his fights since 2005, with the blip coming in an IBF title fight with Steve Cunningham. There's no shame in that; Cunningham is one of the best in the division.

9 - Lateef Kayode (18-0-0 14KOs)
The undefeated Nigerian is one of the hopes of the heavyweight division, and despite stuttering in his recent fights Kayode has still picked up wins. There are skill holes he still needs to fill, but Kayode should e fighting for a world title before long. His next fight is against Antonio Tarver in June.

8- Guillermo Jones (38-3-2 30KOs)
Guillermo Jones must be loaded, because any cruiserweight who fights just three times in four years obviously doesn't need the money. Last time out, Guillermo picked up a TKO win against Michael Marrone, but he really needs to step it up a bit. He faces Joell Godfrey next month in a fight he should easily win.

7 - Antonio Tarver (29-6-0 20KOs)
We all know Tarver, if not for his light heavyweight titles then at least for his tendency to call out every fighter in the world, including Wladimir Klitschko. When Tarver let's his boxing do the talking and focuses on his craft he's actually good, as we saw in his impressive cruiserweight debit win against Danny Green.

6 - Krzysztof Wlodarczyk (46-2-1 33KOs)
He's a world champion and he has won nine of his last ten fights, so I know that some would put Krzysztof higher in the list. I can't move him up yet because some of the opponents in his last ten fights make dismal reading, and to be honest I think someone will give him a run for his belt soon. That said, he beat Danny Green last time out so he must be doing something right.

5 - Denis Lebedev (24-1-0 18KOs)
Lebedev can't move further up the list because his last three wins were against guys with a combined age of one hundred and twenty three, and before that he was beaten by Marco Huck. Lebedev is undoubtedly one of the top five in the division, but he needs to stop fighting guys on their way out.

4 - Ola Afolobi (19-2-4 9KOs)
British fighter Afolobi impressed everyone last weekend when he forced Marco Huck into a draw, and it wouldn't have taken much more for Afolobi to win the fight and become a world champion. I think he could take Guillermo Jones' title off him were they to fight, so credit goes to Afolobi in taking the tougher option of Marco Huck instead.

3 - Steve Cunningham (24-4-0 12KOs)
It's unfortunate for Cunnigham to have two red blotches on his recent record because both of those came against Yoan Pablo Hernandez, and one of those he should have won. Cunningham gets the #3 spot because he'll take on absolutely anyone.

2 - Marco Huck (34-2-1 25KOs)
Huck made a successful foray into the heavyweight division that nearly won him a world title, and he followed that up with a great fight against Ola Afolobi. Huck is one of the most entertaining boxers of the division, as well as being one of the best.

1 - Yoan Pablo Hernandez (26-1-0 13KOs)
His last win over Steve Cunningham was a decisive one, and it settled any doubt as to who the best fighter in the division is. It's rumoured Hernandez will fight #10 in our list Troy Ross next in a match he should win comfortably.